Joshua Foster’s Fight

This supporting Joshua campaign is about our son’s fight to save his leg.  Joshua is a 21 year old happy, determined young man.  Despite having Autism and Cerebral Palsy he is always fighting to be independent and doing things for himself to the best of his ability.  Walking was no different.  He has always been an ambulatory person until August of this year.  After fighting an infection in his leg for over a year he woke up screaming in pain and could no longer walk on his leg.  His orthopedic doctor informed us that the infection had attacked all of his left knee and most of his femur.  He recommended a leg fusion or most likely a total leg amputation.  We got a second opinion and they agreed with the doctor.
Due to Joshua’s age, medical insurance and active infection no other doctor was willing to take the case.  We contacted his former doctor that moved to NY for advise and options.  He not only agreed to take the case but felt he could save Joshua’s leg.   We decided as a family this was our only option, so I drove to NY with Joshua an his two brothers. This was Sept. 4 and Joshua and I are still in NY.  We have been faced with some challenges fighting this infection.  Joshua is currently in the hospital for his third surgery due to the complication of this infection.
We need your HELP!  Primarily for out of pocket medical cost, medical services not covered by insurance ,travel expense back and forth to NY for follow up and procedures,  expenses while staying in NY, ect..
This will be a year long process that we did not anticipate.  When it is all done Joshua will have his own two legs the same length ,  and a total knee replacement.  He will be able to walk and bend his leg again.  God is Good.
On behalf of The Foster Family we say Thank you for your help in advance.  We say Thank you for those that have helped us in the past three months.  Thank you to the ones that encouraged me that it was time to ask others to help us.  This is difficult but needed for Joshua.  May God Bless all that will give and even the ones that can’t give but want to.  Amen!

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