Our Church History

Hopewell Baptist was organized on July 18, 1946. The founders were Rev. and Sister D. V. Miller, Deacon and Sister Frank Frazier, Deacon and Sister Lowe Griffin, Brother and Sister Jimmie Lee Johnson, Sister Mary Evans, Brother and Sister Gainer, Brother Frank Sims, and Brother Charlie Lovett.

The old building located at 1001 NW 6 Street, Pompano Beach, FL, was erected in 1948. The congregation consisted of 32 members. The Rev. D. V. Miller was Pastor of Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, from 1946 – 1963.

The Late Emeritus R. W. Williams was called to the Pastorate of the Hopewell Church in May of 1963. In 1971 the first Church Anniversary for the past 25 years was held. Each member was asked to pay twenty-five dollars. Land for the new site was purchased for a total of 30,000.00. In 1972, Election of Officers for the coming year was held. The newly elected officers were: Sister Elizabeth Brown, President of the Home Mission, Willie Reed, President of the User Board, Sister, Ruthie Williams, President of Youth Department and Sister Luella Sims, continued to serve as Church Clerk until 1974.

In 1973, the Church Constitution was updated. The Trustee Board was reorganized, and the land for the new site was paid off. It was adopted that an official record of each member be kept on file. In 1974, it was decided to build a larger edifice and in 1976, the groundbreaking service was held for the building of our new edifice.

The old Hopewell  that was located at 1001 NW 6 Street, Pompano Beach, FL was put up for sale. At the present site, the men of the church donated their effort, time, materials & labor. On October 21, 1984, a dedication service was held for the present site at 890 NW 15 Street, Pompano Beach, FL.

In 1988, the former Pastor Emeritus Williams resigned, and on September 10, 1989, the Dr. Robert C. Stanley began his Pastorate as Pastor of the Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church Inc. He gave the church a motto. “The Church that sits by I-95, Reaching out with Love to all mankind”. The Hopewell Church and the new Administration of Rev. Stanley has made a tremendous impact in the community striving to make a difference.

With a growing membership, Hopewell purchased 6.2 acres of land just east of the present site, all paid in full. An additional 4.9 acres of land was purchased and paid in full as of 1999 and the church stood debt free.

In 1995, with a mind to build a new edifice, Dr. Stanley instituted the Offering of Determination. Each member was assessed $1000.00. In 2001, six years later, the church had exceeded its goal and was at $1.4 million dollars. Groundbreaking service was held on March 11, 2001. The leveling of the property began on March 19, 2001. The construction of the edifice began March 20, 2001 with contractors Coastline Builders.

The Hopewell Church has had only three pastors since its inception in 1946. On October 7, 2001, Dr. Stanley’s sermon was titled: “A Fall from the Rooftop”. He emphasized that this church has had its third Pastor, third church, and its third roof. On November 10, 2001, “The Raising of the Roof” was perfected by Creative Concepts and on December 8, 2002, we marched into our new edifice as: Hopewell Missionary Baptist Church, “The House of God”, A Ministry Fulfilling Its Call to A Spirit of Excellence.

The Clergy Staff totals fifteen: Dr. Robert C. Stanley, Senior Pastor/Teacher, Rev. Nathaniel Stevenson, Assistant Pastor, Rev. Benjamin Brown, Rev. Jerry Clark, Min. Arthur Forrest, Min. Timothy Griffith, Min. Jimmie Habersham, Rev. Charles Knight, Elder Walter Pierce, Dr. Donald Preston, Jr., Rev. Willie Rainer, Min. Eugene Sherrell, Min. Charlie Strong, and Rev. Henry Willis, Jr.

The Administrative Staff totals nine: Bro. Joshua Stanley, Comptroller, Sis. Nicola Martin, Business Administrator, Sis. Joyce Thomas, Church Clerk, Sis. Sherida Wright, Receptionist/Secretary, Sis. Sheila Fulton, Financial Secretary, Bro. Carlton  Williams, Director of Music, Sis. Kimberly Stanley, Director of Preschool Academy, and Bro. Harold Edgerton our Facility Opener & Closer.