Pastor’s Perspective June 2022

Pastor’s Perspective June 2022

Pastor’s Perspective June 2022

For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. (Psalm 30:5)


Hopewell as we enter the month of June our hearts are heavy as we mourn the senseless massacres of the 10 grocery store shoppers in Buffalo NY, 19 students and 2 teachers in Uvalde Texas, and 2 Doctors, a clerk and a patient in Tulsa Oklahoma, not to mention the 233 deaths cause by mass shooting so far this year. And these tragedies really hit home as we prepare to celebrate our graduatingseniors and award them with scholarships. So, let us collectively keep the families of these victims in prayer as well as pray that our law makers will pass some commonsense gun laws. The words of David in Psalm 30:5, are real and reassuring, for weeping is a common expression of a wounded and broken heart, but it only endures for a night, (it doesn’t last forever); then he reassures us that joy cometh in the morning. I believe in spite of how it looks politically, that joy will come in the morning and a change will come.

However, while there is bereavement and grief in the air, we cannot deny that there are blessings as well, and we have all been the recipients. God has continued to bestow His favor upon us, and we have responded responsibly, graciously, and humbly. I want to encourage us to continue to be faithful to our regathering and committed to the things of God. I also beseech those members who have not yet regathered to please consider returning for our 76th Church Anniversary. I am expecting God to use this special day of celebration, not only to reflect on our exceptional church history but also to renew our commitment to the church vision.

Hopewell, as I noted earlier, this month we will celebrate our graduating seniors.This year our quest speaker will be Rev. Wendell Rod Johnson, Intern Principal at Park Lakes Elementary School and the Assistant Pastor at Memorial Temple Baptist Church. I know our graduates as well as everyone present will be inspired, encouraged, and challenged by Rev. Johnson’s message. As always, the scholarship committee is asking everyone to contribute to our scholarship fund. I want to thank each of you in advance for sharing according to your level of academic achievement.

And last but certainly not least this month we will celebrate the Courageous and Committed Fathers of Valor in our congregation. And since our fathers are just as significant as our Virtuous Mothers, I want to encourage every son, daughter, and God Child to exert the same energy and enthusiasm you did for your mother on Mother’s Day. (Please! :)

Hopewell, again I ask that you continue to honor our 32 years covenant to follow me even as I follow Christ.

Progressing in The Light and Power of God’s Word,
Pastor R. C. Stanley

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