Pastor’s Perspective December 2022

Pastor’s Perspective December 2022


Pastor’s Perspective December 2022


But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved. (Matt. 24:13)

Hopewell, here we are again at the final month of another year, and I am sure we would all agree that God has been extremely good to us all. We have endured some very challenging times and we have survived and conquered them all. While COVID-19 is still lurking, it has lost its grip on all of us. We are now worshiping God unhindered by anxiety and masks, but freely enjoying an atmosphere of authentic praise and fellowship. And while we await others to rejoin us, we rejoice in the reality that we are embracing our New Normal. To God Be The Glory!


As we enter the month of December, I am asking for the full support of every member. During this month we will be shoring up ourselves for 2023. We have already begun by asking all women and men to commit to increasing our Christian Growth and Development Zoom attendance to 100, and we are getting closer with each meeting. Also, I am asking every member to commit to attending our Sunday Corporate Worship and our Tuesday Inspirational Service. These two services are essential for our spiritual development as well as our sacred fellowship.


Starting on the First Sunday, we will return to gathering at the altar for those who desire to come for prayer. Of course, it is at the discretion of each individual. Hopewell, we have weathered the pandemic and made a healthy and smooth transition, now it is time for us to regather, reengage, renew, and reenforce ourselves for 2023. Let us remember that Determination, not Desire, controls Destiny.

And Finally, Christmas will be on Sunday this year and we will only have Christmas service and it will begin at 8am. As always, I am asking every member to participate in our Happy Birthday Jesus celebration by bring a sacrificial gift of one hundred ($100.00) dollars or whatever you are able to give. Remember this gift is in addition to our tithe and offerings. In the words of our Savior, let us be intentional and endure unto the end.

And for the final time this year, I ask that you follow me even as I follow Christ.

Progressing in The Power and Light of God’s Word,

Pastor Stanley

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