Receiving Deliverance in The Lord’s House

g Her Conspicuous Problem

A) Job 2:7 B) Luke 8:2

Her Courageous Presence

A) Psalms 122:1 B) Psalms 16:11

Her Continuous Persistence

A) Mark 2:1-2 B) Matthew 6: 33 C) Jeremiah 29:13

Her Convictional Praise

A) 1 Corinthians 15:57 B)Psalms 92:1 C) 1 Thessalonians 5:18

The Annoyance of the Bitter Witnesses

His Settled Anger

A) Ecclesiastes 7:9 B) Proverbs 27:4 C) 2 Peter 2:1

His Sanctimonious Attitude

A) Colossians 2:8 B) Matthew 16:24

His Sinister Action

A) Lk.6: 46 B) Tit.1:16

III. The Atmosphere of the Blessed

Worship (17)

The Humiliated Adversaries  

A) Isiah 45:24 B) 1 Peter 3:16

The Humbled Admirers

A) John 10:37-38 B) Acts 3:9-10

The Holy Adoration

A) Exodus 15:11 B) John 4:24

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Receiving Deliverance in The Lord’s House

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