Ladies of Hopewell,


Because of Hopewell’s 72th Church Anniversary celebration this month, there will not be a Women Enriching Women Fellowship. Let’s show our support by participating in all the festivities that have been scheduled for our enjoyment.

Don’t forget that the Mission Hope Project is an ongoing outreach effort to assist those who are less fortunate and in need of basic necessities. And as you know, there are many who are in need of help. Therefore, we need your continual support. If possible, please commit to placing items inside the purple storage container in the foyer of the church.

Now, I leave a few words with you about spiritual friendships. In this rushed world, it seems more and more difficult to enjoy friendships. Finding the time to hang out over a cup of coffee or tea or take in a good movie. Because of busy schedules, we’ve allowed too many of our friends to get delegated into the “sometime soon” category. Yet, we yearn for fellowship with our friends, especially those who challenge and mentor and speak God into our life. Those friends are the ones we try to keep in the “definitely now” category. They’re the ones who we seem too busy not to connect with.

Do you have spiritual friends like that? If you do, you know how precious they can be. During this month let’s focus on spiritual friendship—why it’s truly important, how to find these strong Christians and make them a solid part of our life, and how to be a good and faithful friend to others.

HIS love and Mine,

Alene Stanley

Women’s Ministry Director

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